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Leg Goals

Minimum number = 6
Players stand in a circle facing inwards with their legs apart by at least one metre and their feet touching their neighbour on each side. The leader then places a football (or balloon) inside the circle and the players must try to punch the ball through the legs of any other player. They can only use their fists – no picking up is allowed. Players can of course defend their own goals. Every time the ball passes outside the ring the player whose legs it has gone through scores a point (not the person "scoring" the goal). At the end of the game the player with the least points is the winner. The leader should make sure that particular players are not being victimised.

Longest Paper

Minimum number = 1
Give each child a piece of newspaper (the same size for each child). When the Leader says start, they must tear the paper in such a way that it forms a continuous long strip. The child who can make the longest strip wins. Use the same technique as Step Through Paper but also tear off the bridge at one end only to form a single long strip.

Musical Chairs

Minimum number = 6
Count out chairs one less than there are children. Lay out the chairs in a long line alternating the way the chairs face. The children form a circle and run around the chairs in the same direction. They run while there is music playing. When the music stops they must each find a chair to sit one. They must not turn back on the way they have been going. One child will be left without a chair: they are out. After each round remove one chair. Eventually there will be one winner.

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