The Levitan Website

A personal website


This is the personal web site of the Levitan family from Hadfield, Derbyshire, UK

We run a children's youth club on Friday evenings, so part of this site is devoted to crafts that we have used successfully at the club. Over time we'll add to the list.

As we live in a beautiful part of the country, we occasionally go for walks, so we've started a section on local walks, and will add to this from time time.

We send an annual Christmas letter to our friends and family, and copies of that letter will also be posted here (with extra photos that we couldn't include in the mailed version).

Bruce maintains some blogs - details of these are on the Blogs page, with links to them included.

Finally, the site also contains a children's game site that Bruce created as part of his MSc. It's a bit dated now in the days of Flash, etc., but this was done in the 1990s before all that stuff became available!



This site is constantly under development.
Watch this space for updates.
Latest addtion: nine new games in the "games" section.
(May 2017)