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Children's Games

We run a Youth Club at our local Methodist Church, and over the years have tested various games, so we know which ones work well and which don't. On this site we share a list of games we know work well and hope to expand it over time.

Many of these games we have sourced from books, and the best of these are provided as references in the side-bar. Some of them are known by different names, and many are traditional, stretching back by many years.

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Mix and Match Online Game

The link on the sidebar will take you to a separate site, one that I created for my Masters degree with the Open University. It features three "mix and match" games where you can create different faces, spaceships and alien craft. By today's standards it is a very simple site, so please bear in mind that it was created back in 1998 when web techlogies were less advanced.

I have kept it live because it is at least a little amusing (I hope) for younger children.

Index of Children's Games
Bruce's Make Your
Own Picture Game
Bruce's Mix and Match game

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