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Fruit Salad

Minimum number = 8
Everyone expect one child sits on chairs arranged in a circle facing inwards – there are no spare chairs. The leader assigns each person a fruit making sure that there are at least two people with the same fruit, including the child in the middle. They start the game by saying one or more of the fruits and the children with those designations must get up and move to another chair. At the same time the leader can try and get to an empty chair. Whoever is left is now “it” and must repeat the process. Each person in the centre is also allowed to say “fruit salad” only once each. This means every child must get up and find a new chair. A child may not occupy the same chair they were sitting on in each round (they can go back to it in a later round).

Hand Tap

Minimum number = 8
Everyone kneels in a circle facing inwards. They then place their right hand inside the left hand of the person on their right, all around the circle. To start the game the leader nominates a starter and says go. The nominated child then slaps their right hand on the floor. The child with their hand immediately to the right of this then slaps their hand… and so on around the circle. At any point the leader can say “reverse” to change the direction and “double” or “single” to have one slap or two per person.

Heel-to-Toe Stepping

Minimum number = 4
The children line up at one end of the room, facing the opposite wall. The Leader calls out a condition such as “Everyone with red socks on” and a number of steps, e.g. “Take two steps forward”. The children who meet this condition move forward hell-to-toe (watch for cheating!). The leader can also instruct backward steps as well as forward. The winner is the first meet to opposite wall. To be fair the leader should have decided on the conditions before the game starts.

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Children sitting in a circle
Image from Mrs Timbrook's Classroom