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Minimum number = 6
Divide into two teams and sit in parallel with each other, facing inwards. Two chairs are placed, one at each end of the room, between the teams, and a bean bag is placed on each chair. In the centre is a large plastic bottle (skittle) - you may need to add a little water to the bottle so it doesn't just afll over on its own. Try to ensure that children of about the same age/height are opposite each other. Number them off. Each team is told which is their chair. The leader then shouts out a number and the two children with those numbers run to their chairs, sit down and try to knock over the skittle with their bean bag. If neither scores a hit they change chairs and try again, keeping this up until one of them knocks it over (scoring for their team). Keep this up until each child has had an equal number of goes (about 2 or 3 goes each is fine).

Sleeping Lions

Minimum number = 3
When the leader calls out sleeping lions all children must immediately lie on the floor and keep absolutely still and silent but with their eyes open. The leader must now make one of them move or make a sound (e.g. laugh) by any reasonable means. Once a child has been caught in this way, they now take over the role of getting the next child to move/make a sound… until all are thus released. The last one is the winner.


Minimum number = 8
Divide into two equal sized teams and send to opposite ends of the room. Each team has a chair placed next to them. Scatter some teaspoons in the centre of room. At the word GO the teams must now race to collect spoons and place them on their chair. Only one spoon can be carried at a time, and it is not allowed to try and get a spoon from a child who is holding it. However players can steal spoons from the other team’s chair (and cannot be opposed in doing this). When a team has collected a predefined number of spoons they must call SPOONS and everyone stops. If they indeed have that number of spoons on their chair, they have won. As a general rule have three more spoons than the target number, and at least nine spoons in play (i.e. the least number to aim for is six).

THis game can get very hectic to watch for smaller children not getting hurt!

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Children playing Sleeping Lions
Image from Booked Parties