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Step Through Paper

Minimum number = 6
Give each child a piece of newspaper (the same size for each child). When the Leader says start, they must tear a hole in the paper and be able to pass their whole body through the hole without breaking the paper. The trick here is to fold the paper in half and then make a series of alternating parallel tears that stop short of each end. As they go along they should also tear across the bridge formed by the folded section (shown as dotted line on diagram opposite - click on it for larger size) but leaving the two outermost ends intact. When opened out this will form a very large circle that is easy to step through!

Stuck in the Mud

Minimum number = 10
One player is “it” and must tag other players who must run around the room within a defined area. As soon as they are tagged a player must freeze and stand with their legs apart. Any other player can free them by crawling between their legs. The game ends when all players have been tagged (or after a reasonable time if they are too good at freeing themselves).

Untangle Crossed Arms

Minimum number = 5
Get everyone to stand in a circle facing inwards. Then the first child takes the hand of one of the other children with their right hand, and the hand of another child with their left hand. They can do this with any child except the one on each side of them. The two children must now clasp the hands of two other children with their free hand. Continue until all are clasping hands. They must now untangle without breaking the handclasps!

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