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Volley Balloon

Minimum number = 10
Place chairs in two parallel lines facing each other and about 1.5 to 2 metres apart. Divide children into teams and they sit on the chairs. Toss a balloon into the centre – the children must now try to punch the balloon over the top of the other team. Each time a balloon lands behind the line the team who punched it over scores a point. Balloons that go to one side don’t count. If there are lots of children (12 or more) you can have more than one balloon in play at the same time. Children must keep their bottoms on their chairs and will lose points if they don’t. This game needs two leaders to do the scoring and balloon retreival – one for each team.

Wink Murder

Minimum number = 10
One child is the detective and leaves the room. The rest of the children sit in a circle facing each other. The leader silently nominates one of them to be the murderer and makes sure everyone knows who this is. The detective is then called into the room and must stand inside the circle. The murderer must now kill the other children by winking at them. The killed child must now play dead. The detective must try and find the murderer before all the children are killed – he/she has three tries. If they are successful the murderer becomes the next round’s detective. If they aren’t they remain the detective for the next round (up to three rounds, after which they change over anyway). Try to ensure all children have a go at being detective and murderer.

Writing on Your Back

Minimum number = 4 for one team, 6 for two teams
Each team stands in a line all facing the same way front to back. The Leader now writes a letter on the back of the last child. When this has been done to both teams the leader says start. The last child must then retrace to letter on the back of the child in front… and so on until the letter has been passed to the first child who must them say what the letter is. The first team to get it right wins the point. Except for the first child in the row (i.e. the last to be written on) no one must speak.

To make the game more difficult the task should be to reconstruct a whole word (no more than four letters).

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Children playing Balloon volleyball
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