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Fishing Net

Minimum number = 6
All players except one “swim” around the room randomly (they are fish) – they must keep moving the whole time. One player is the fishing net. The net must tag a player with one of their hands. The tagged player becomes part of the net and they hold hands. This continues with the net growing in size until all fish are caught. Only the two outer players of the net may catch fish as they are the only ones with a free hand. If the net breaks at any time, all the fish escape and the game restarts.

Chasing Dragons

Minimum number = 8
Divide the children into groups of 4-6 in each team. They then stand facing front to back and place their hands on the child in front – either on hips or shoulders. The child at the back of the line has a scarf or tea-towel tucked into their trousers to make a tail (if they are wearing a dress, get them to put on a belt and tuck into that). Place the groups at different parts of the room. When the leader says go, the teams must try to get a tail from one of the dragons without letting their tail be caught and without breaking apart the dragon.

Earth, Air and Water

Minimum number = 10
Sit in a circle and give one child a soft ball or bean bag. When ready to start, they toss the ball/bean bag to another child and say Earth, Air or Water (only one of these at a time). The child who catches the ball must them say the name of a land animal, bird or fish that lives in the named environment (can be fictional so long as well known, e.g. centaur). They must do this whilst the rest count to 10. If they get it right they score a point and can toss the ball to someone else. If they don’t do it in time they still toss the ball, but don’t get a point. The winner is the child with the most points at the end. The leader should try to make sure each child has about the same number of goes.

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