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Earth, water, air

Minimum number = 6
The children stand in a circle. One has a ball and throws it to another child. As they do so they call out one of the three elements: earth, water or air. The child who catches the ball then has to call out the name of an animal which lives in that element, e. g. for ‘air’, they might call out ‘blackbird’. If a child cannot answer or answers incorrectly, they are out or have to pay a forfeit. Each animal can only be named once. The winner is the last one in the game.


Minimum number = 8
This is a variation on "wink murder". One of the children is the detective and they go out of the room. While they are out the others choose a chief criminal. When the detective returns the chief does various actions which the children copy as quickly as they can so that it is not easy to see who did the movements first. The detective has to try to find out who the chief criminal is. They have three guesses. If they guess correctly they can choose the next detective; otherwise the criminal becomes the next detective.


Minimum number = 6
Two children go out of the room and choose or are given a word with two meanings, e. g. "train". They call this word "teapot". When they come back into the room they have a conversation using the word in both it’s meanings. One might say “My brother just caught the last teapot and the other could reply “My brother wants to teapot the dog properly”. They carry on till someone guesses the word. They choose a friend to go out with them.

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