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The Dark Wood

Minimum number = 6
This is a variation of the old game "blind man's buff". One child stands in a corner. The other children spread themselves around the room. The child in the comer looks where everyone is standing. They are then blindfolded and have to walk over to the opposite comer. They imagine they are in a dark wood and there are trees (other children) in the way. They must try to remember where the trees are and avoid bumping into them. The one who bumps into the least trees on their way across the room has won.

Donkeys’ tails

Minimum number = 8
You need: string, nails, bottles. Tie the nails onto pieces of string and tie the pieces of string round the children’s waists. The ends of the string should hang down the children’s backs with the nails reaching down to the backs of their knees. When you say ‘go’ each child goes and stands in front of a bottle and tries to get their nail into the neck of a bottle without touching it with their hands.


Minimum number = 4
You need: newspaper, string. The children each cut out a fish from a quarter of a piece of newspaper. Make a hole in the "head" each fish and tie a piece of string to it. Tie the other end of the string around the child’s waist so that the fish trails behind them. The aim is to catch a fish by treading on someone else’s fish and tearing it off the string while at the same time keeping your own fish from being trodden on. The one who keeps their fish longest is the winner.

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Blindfold game
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