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Minimum number = 6
The children pretend to pack a suitcase. One child goes out of the room and the others decide or are told who the suitcase is for. They take turns to say something that would go in that person’s suitcase. They then write it on a piece of paper, fold it and put it into a bowl. The child comes in and takes a piece of paper from the bowl and has one guess at who the suitcase is for. If they don’t know or get it wrong they take another piece, carrying on until they guess. They then choose the next person to go out. The winner is the one who guesses after the fewest pieces of paper.

Message Chain

Minimum number = 6
This is a treasure hunt variation. You have to prepare this in advance. Be creative and think smart. Prepare several messages and organize them into a trail (indoors and/or outside). Each message should contain a small task the children need to do, like looking for a certain object, make a puzzle, collect items, etc. and each message needs to point to the next one.  The final message could lead to a prize (but make sure there are smaller prizes foir everyone).

Some examples:

Story Cubes

Minimum number = 4
There is a series of "Rory's Story Cubes" that you can purchase and use in games. The idea is that you shake the cubes and roll them, and then tell a story based on the images you get. The cubes come in different themes, e.g. actions, voyages (and even Dr. Who, Moomins, etc.). See the web site here.

I am not advertising this (and I do not receive anything if you buy them),  so as an alternative you could make up an equaivalent using images printed on small cards, which are shuffled and dealt out.

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Image from Packing my Suitcase Twitter account