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Minimum number = 6
Before the game prepare a list of 10-12 items such as fairly tales, well known children’s movies, etc. Make several copies of the list with the items in different orders.  Some example lists to use are here.

Divide into teams of no more than four per team, making sure they are made of a similar balance of ages/abilities. Each team has a table, several pieces of paper and a pencil. They nominate someone from their team to start and that child goes to the leader who gives them the first item from the list(s). They must then go back and draw the item until someone guesses it correctly. They must not say anything (unless guessed right) or write letters or numbers. The person who guesses becomes the next guesser and goes to the leader for the next item on the list. The team who gets through their list first is the winner. Make sure everyone on the team has at least one go at drawing, even if they never guess.

Poor Pussy

Minimum number = 6
Everyone but one player sits in a circle facing inwards. The chosen player is in the centre on their hands and knees: they are the pussy. They must go up to any player of their choice and meow as sweetly as possible. That player must then pat the pussy’s head gently and say “poor pussy”. If they smile or laugh they change places with the pussy, otherwise the pussy chooses another player. After a while make sure people who haven't been the pussy have a go, even if they don't laugh.

Race the Ball

Minimum number = 10
Form a circle with one child outside. One child in the circle has a ball, which they start to pass around when the leader says go. At the same time the outside child starts to run around the circle. The children pass the ball for two complete rotations and the runner’s total circuits during this time are counted (part circuits are rounded up or down). After each round a different runner is chosen. The runner with the most circuits is the winner.

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Children playing Pictionary
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