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Noughts and Crosses

Minimum number = 12
Place nine chairs all facing the same way in three rows of three to form a noughts and crosses “grid”. Divide the children into two groups and number them off. One team are noughts and the other are crosses. When the leader shouts a number the corresponding two children must run and sit on two unoccupied chairs. As the game progresses one team should be able to form a line of three noughts or crosses (or it’s a draw). Score winning points for each team and continue for several rounds until each child has had an equal number of goes (so the number of rounds will depend on how many are in each team).

On my Holiday

Minimum number = 3
Sit in a circle. The first person says "On my holiday I packed…" and adds the name of an item, e.g. "a comb". The second person must repeat what they said and then add another one. You keep going, adding items until one gets it wrong. If there are more than 6 playing, you can eliminate those who get it wrong. For 6 or less, just continue for fun until they want to stop playing.

Pass the Balloon

Minimum number = 6
Divide the children into two teams if there are 8 or more, otherwise just one group is fine. Line them up so that they are all facing front to back. Now get the front person in each team to turn so they are facing front to front with the next player. Give each pair a balloon, which they must hold between their bodies without using their hands. At the word go, they must now try and pass the balloon down the line without using hands or dropping it. If the balloon is dropped it can be picked up but must continue from where it was dropped. The first team to transfer all balloons is the winner.

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Two boys holding a balloon between their heads
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