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CD Crafts 3

Fairy-light reflector

CDs make wonderful reflectors for Christmas tree fairy lights. They work best on large trees.

Place a CD behind the fairy light with the silver side towards the light so that the light will reflect in the mirror-like surface.

Frisbee throwing

Well this isn't really a toy for kids as a CD Frisbee can be rather dangerous!

To make a CD frisbee:

  1. Get some Neoprene rubber tubing and cut to the right length to wrap around the edge of the CD.
  2. Cut a slit lengthwise along the rubber tube strip.
  3. Put duble-sides tape on the edge of the CD, wrapped so it is on upper and lower surfaces. remove the covering strip.
  4. Wrap the rubber tubing around the edge of the CD placing the the egde into the cut slit and sticking it firmly onto the double-sided tape (to make a softer, less dangerous edge!).
  5. Paint/decorate the sides as you like.

Ring toss

Also known as Quoits. You can create a ring toss game with long pieces of 4mm dowel sticking out of the ground and try throwing the CDs so that they land with their centre hole over the dowel. Have tournaments!

  1. Drill wider holes in the centre fo the CDs.
  2. Decorate your CDs.
  3. Cut pieces of 4mm dowel to about 30cm length. 
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